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Here’s how to give your dog the healthiest and happiest life ever!

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When you brought your dog home I can guarantee that you never had the intention of making them unhealthy and shortening their life span.

I know that when you brought your precious dog home you wanted to give them the best life possible. You wanted to give your dog a long, healthy and happy life.

You wanted to feed them the best food, walk them everyday, play with them, get them the best toys, love them…

And that’s why we love and appreciate every dog owner who has a heart that is so full and so giving that they want to change the life for at least one precious dog.

And that’s why, my favourite doggy lover, I felt it important to really tap into a simple and effective way to provide your dog with all natural herbs, vitamins and minerals to have their insides healthy and strong.

We all have the best intentions when it comes to our dogs, and I know that doesn’t end where health and nutrition begins.

That’s why I want to talk to you about the importance of supporting your dog’s immune system.

Why is your dog’s immune system so important?

Your dog’s immune system is the reason they are still alive. An immune system is designed to fight off infections, diseases, viruses, bacterias and more.

An immune system is your dog’s natural defence to everything that could go wrong in your dog’s body.

It is constantly on the lookout for ways to heal, correct and destroy anything that doesn’t belong in your healthy dog.

It helps your dog to not get sick, to minimise their chance of having cancer, of becoming weak, and much, much more.

In the same way that our human immune systems keep us healthy, a dog’s immune system is designed to do the same.

So, what happens when your dog’s immune system is compromised?

If your dog’s immune system is compromised your dog will start to show symptoms of illness, sickness, lethargy, weakness, and unusual behaviour.

When your dog’s immune system is not supported and kept strong and healthy it is unable to keep up with all the potential risks that your dog encounters every single day.

And unfortunately, that’s the reality.

Your dog will come into allergies, cigarette smoke, pollution, bacteria and viruses from food they eat and germs every single day.

While it would be nice that this world was 100% sterile, it is not the case, and therefore, every day our dog’s immune system is working in overdrive to make sure they stay healthy.

Some common signs that your dog’s immune system is compromised:

  • An overproduction of yeast
  • Tear stains
  • Cysts
  • Viruses
  • Bacterial infections
  • Diseases
  • Red blood cell deficiency
  • White blood cell deficiency
  • Plasma deficiency
  • Fungal infections
  • Eye and ear conditions
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Inflammation
  • Unsettled tummies
  • Hair loss
  • Itchy skin

Has your dog experienced any of these symptoms? If so, it’s ok. There are lots of ways to help heal their immune system so that they can truly live their happiest, healthiest and longest life possible!!

The wonderful thing about the immune system is that if we catch it early enough, we can transform it and heal it into the strongest immune system it can possibly be!

Even if your dog has experienced systems of a compromised immune system, you can help them to repair the damage that has already been done!

So, how can we help support our dog’s immune system so that it is not overworked all the time and becoming more tired as they get older?

I have really good news!

There’s more than one way…

The best way to support and heal your dog’s immune system is to focus on prevention first and then healing second (unless of course they are already suffering from an immune deficiency symptom – then you need to focus on healing first and preventing second).

If you are healing a specific problem, the best thing you can do is seek professional advice for the best course of action. You can also seek help from within specific dog communities (like Frank and Jellys Facebook Group) and ask for advice from other fur mums and dads who may have already gone through what you’re going through now.

Natural is always best when possible, but if your dog needs medical attention or prescribed medication never hesitate to contact your vet.

If you are wanting to prevent your dog from experiencing symptoms of a compromised immune system then you need to focus on supporting it.

Ways to support their immune system is to keep them fit and healthy. The right diet and exercise can keep your dog’s immune system strong. When they are fit and healthy everything just works better.

Bone broth is an amazing and nutritional way to add in extra health benefits into your dogs diet! Below is a infographic with a turkey carcass bone broth – seeing as turkey is going to be on the menu a lot over Christmas!

An additional and very powerful way of supporting your dog’s immune system is to include natural herbs, vitamins and minerals to their diet that are designed to heal AND prevent the breakdown of a healthy immune system.

Frank and Jellys has spent the last few years looking at all the different supplements and remedies we can use to help support our dog’s immune system and we just keep coming back to our favourite and all natural IMMUBOOST. See image below.

And it’s a favorite because it works. And we know it works because we have had our community of Doggy Detectives test it and the results have been consistently the same.

Symptoms of a compromised immune system have been reduced and in some cases eliminated.

Symptoms are presenting less if not at all.

Our dogs LOVE the taste and it is so easy to add to your dog’s meal.

So, with little effort and no time at all, you can naturally and effectively support your dog’s immune system so that they can experience the healthiest and happiest life possible!!

All with the loving support of IMMUBOOST.

Have you tried IMMUBOOST? What has been your experience with it? We’d love to hear about it! Information shared is a potential life spared. Leave a comment or email us at [email protected].

Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

P.S. Are you in the Frank and Jellys ‘Doggy Detectives’ Facebook group? It’s a place where fur mums and dads go to make friends, test doggy products and share stories on best products. PLUS we always share tips and tricks as well as offering advice and sharing experiences when one of our furry friends is not well or not behaving! It’s great fun and it’s absolutely FREE to join! Come join the fun HERE xo.

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