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Is garlic harmful to dogs? THE TRUTH! And why the old way of thinking is wrong!

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It seems to be an age old debate – garlic is good for dogs, no garlic is bad for dogs. The truth is .. garlic CAN be amazing for your dog! In small and regulated amount.

No one ever seems to settle on the truth of it all and so we decided to do our research with help of some of the worlds best vetsto put an end to the garlic myth once and for all.

When given to dogs in the right amounts, garlic has fantastic health benefits for dogs…for so many reasons!!

So buckle up and get ready for a ride down garlic lane. And bring your dog with you, they’ll benefit from this knowledge more than you’ll know.

WHY is garlic good for dogs?

Let’s start with the health benefits of giving measured garlic to our dogs – and remember quantity is important here!

  • Garlic is full of nutrients  such as amino acids, zinc, potassium, vitamin A, C, calcium, and magnesium just to name a few (because garlic is ingested and absorbed into the bloodstream, all these amazing nutrients aid in keeping our dogs healthy from the inside-out)
  • It is an active tick and flea repellent (the ticks and fleas hate the taste of garlic which is absorbed into the skin and they will generally find a new place to call home. It is worth mentioning that garlic as a tick and flea treatment takes a few weeks to become effective – so start introducing garlic to your dogs diet as soon as possible and try to wash them less during tick and flea season!)
  • Garlic has a warming effect on your dog’s body and plays a very important role in improving circulation (especially around your dog’s lungs, large intestine, spleen and stomach)
  • Your dog’s immune system receives a boost thanks to garlics natural ability to assist the blood cells in fighting off unhealthy and cancerous cells
  • Garlic helps in detoxifying your dog’s insides. It keeps the digestive tract flourishing with good bacteria while destroying harmful bacteria (it also helps the liver to eliminate toxins from the body)
  • Being full of antimicrobial and antibiotic properties, garlic is a powerful antidote for bacterial, viral, and fungal infections (especially when it comes to fighting parasites and protozoan organisms)
  • Garlic can prevent blood clots from forming
  • It can help lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • It can widen blood vessels allowing for better flow and circulation
  • Garlic can reduce fat build up in arteries
  • Helps to minimise the formation of tumors
  • Boosts the lymphatic system to eliminate waste

The list of health benefits that garlic provides is astounding!! By introducing garlic in small doses to your dog’s diet you are enabling their body to perform at it’s best, therefore giving them a long, happy and healthy life!

When does garlic become dangerous for dogs?

When our dogs consume too much garlic it can become very toxic for them as it can cause damage to the red blood cells often leading to anemia.

Signs your dog has garlic poisoning:

  • Drooling
  • Nausea
  • Mouth sores
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea and loose stools
  • A lack of energy
  • Stomach pain and tenderness
  • An elevated heart and respiratory rate
  • Weakness
  • Unable to exercise
  • Episodes of collapsing
  • Pale gums

If you dog is showing any of these symptoms stop giving them garlic straight away and consult with your vet.

What is the best way to feed your dog garlic?

Organic and raw garlic is a very effective way of feeding our dogs garlic. The quality of the garlic does matter as the supermarket bought garlic as well as jarred garlic can often be more toxic for dogs then helpful.

Organic and raw garlic provide the health benefits from a much more natural source as they are grown in a much more organic and pure environment and soil.

If you are feeding your dog raw garlic make sure to follow the above guidelines for dosage and remember that garlic has a very strong smell and flavour – you may want to disguise it in their food.

The other way to feed your dog garlic is actually a rank and Jellys favourite! Garlic and Fenugreek Powder contains all the nutrients and health benefits of raw and natural garlic with the added benefit of fenugreek for a nicer flavour and a powder form for ease.

If you’ve been thinking of incorporating garlic into your dog’s diet, then please know that it IS safe in small dosages and actually extremely beneficial to your dog’s health.

If you want more proof that garlic is good for your dog have a read of this article by Dr. Lisa Newman – an internationally renowned natural pet care pioneer.

Have you tried garlic in your dog’s diet? What kind of results or improvements did they experience? We’d love to hear about it! Information shared is a potential life spared. Leave a comment or email us at [email protected].

Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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