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Join the plea for silent fireworks – save our dogs

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Imagine being in a war zone with explosions going off at unexpected intervals. You don’t know when the next bang is going to explode so you remain in a constant state of fear and nervous anxiety.

You have nowhere to run and hide because nothing seems to make the loud noises stop. You’re terrified and you’re worried your heart is going to stop simply because it’s beating so hard, so fast.

Well, your dog doesn’t have to imagine so hard. Not when fireworks are a normal occurrence in the human world.

Fireworks terrify most dogs and can lead to traumatic experiences and in some horrific circumstances, death.

So when is enough going to be enough?

At Frank and Jellys we wanted to dedicate this article to encourage as many people as possible to join our plea for silent fireworks – for the safety and well-being of our dogs (not to mention all wildlife and small children, veterans and elderly).

In recent fireworks nights we have heard of so many sad and unfair stories of dogs running away in a state of panic, being uncontrollably frightened and some even passing away.

Take the story of Winston, the special boy who had already been diagnosed with a serious heart condition and who was living out the rest of his doggy days surrounded by love and luxury. Except fireworks night cut his life even shorter than what it was. After extreme panic and madness, Winston had escaped to hideout under the house where he was later found not breathing. His heart stop because neighbours unexpectedly set fireworks off late into the night.

The story is heartbreaking and one of the very reasons we are petitioning to have explosive fireworks banned only to be replaced by silent or ‘quiet’ fireworks.

You can read the full story of Winston HERE.

And that’s just one story.

What about the countless stories of dogs being inconsolable during fireworks who finally feel safe once the fireworks are done for the night, only to have to endure the torture of fireworks AGAIN the following night?!

How do you explain to your dog that it’s safe and that those loud noises serve no purpose but to explode colour in the sky?

You can’t. And it’s devastating!!

Did you read in the UK Daily News about the poor furbaby that was completely traumatised by the recent fireworks?

“A November fireworks show near a shelter in the United Kingdom frightened dogs so badly they literally tore out their claws and ripped up their paws, overcome with terror, scratching at their cages to get free.”

Will the travesty ever stop?

Click HERE to read the full story, but be warned, the images are somewhat graphic.

So here we are, standing up for dogs, cats, wildlife and anyone else who is terrified by fireworks – asking for our government to take notice of our pleas and enforce silent fireworks.

This is not something that can be done by one person. This is something that every fur mum and dad needs do for their pets.

And there are so many ways we can create a positive outcome for our furry friends:

  • Talk about it more – many people still don’t realise
  • Share information about it on social media and via email (hint hint – start by sharing this)
  • Join communities on social media that are willing to advocate for dog and animal rights (especially against explosive fireworks) and do everything you can to support their efforts
  • Start a petition to send to the government or sign any that come your way (don’t forget to share them too!)
  • Send information to your local news studio or newspaper and try to encourage as much publicity as possible
  • Be aware and educate yourself on the dangers of explosive fireworks as opposed to silent fireworks

So here’s something that shocked me when I found out – a company in England called Fantastic Fireworks has been selling silent fireworks for 30 years. 30 years!!

Silent fireworks aren’t even a new discovery and yet here we are, still having to watch our poor fur babies suffer.

And here’s another interesting fact, fireworks have been used as a visual aid to explosive fireworks for years! They are used to complete a visual effect without adding to the already loud explosions.

What’s more serious is the fact that silent fireworks are actually more vibrant and colourful then the standard explosive fireworks! According to the New York Times:

The colors in a firework are packed in pellets called “stars.” When certain chemical compounds are heated, they emit signature colors to get rid of their excess energy. For instance, barium compounds emit green, red comes from strontium and blues are made with copper.

After a firework explodes, its pellets ignite, burn and generate color as they float through the sky. If that initial burst is too powerful, however, the stars shatter and “you really lose the whole color effect.” The most explosive fireworks, in other words, have only a hint of color.”

To read the full article, click HERE.

They say what causes silent fireworks to appear more bright and colourful is the fact that they are much smaller and more compact than the traditional explosive firework making for much less noise (because even silent fireworks make a little bit of noise when the colours are released – but far less than the traditional kind).

So what’s stopping our government from banning the explosive fireworks? Apparently it’s the tradition and auditory effect of the loud BOOM that coincides with the visual aspect of a fireworks display.

We need to come together and make a change. We need to stand up for the rights of our dogs and all animals who are greatly affected by the obnoxious sounds of explosive fireworks.

Share this article or share your own personal fireworks experience and get the word out there.

And in the meantime, if you are wanting to keep your dog safe during fireworks season, be sure to read our blog on Fireworks Survival Tips for your dog.

Have you had a firework experience you’d like to share? Have you tried something that worked for your precious babies? We’d love to hear from you! Information shared is a potential life spared. Leave a comment or email us at [email protected].

Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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