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Verm-X | Natural Lung worm Preventative


Verm-X for Pets is highly palatable and is an easy to use formulation made with 100% natural active ingredients to control intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the gut and digestive system. It can, therefore, provide active control throughout the year.

As with all-natural ingredients, it may take a number of days after feeding Verm-X before it becomes fully effective so it is important to follow the feeding instructions.

Important: Prior to starting with any product have a Faecal Egg Count (FEC) so you have a record of your starting point. Follow up FEC should be performed 21 days after the last day Verm-X is fed. 
We recommend that all pets have regular faecal checks, to avoid unnecessary control programmes, at least twice a year.

Verm-X is a 100% natural formulation that helps maintain all areas of intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on your animal’s digestive system.

Verm-X is safe to use on animals that are pregnant and senior pets.

The liquid or pellets are added to their food for 3 consecutive day in a month and treats which are fed daily.

Verm-X Dog Pellets Composition: Micronised Sugar Beet pulp, Hempseed meal, Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Garlic, Common Thyme, Nettle, Cleavers, Fennel, Peppermint, Slippery Elm, Quassia, Dextrose, Cayenne, Sunflower Oil.

Verm-X Dog Treats: 1 small dog requires 100g per month. 1 medium dog requires 200g per month, 1 large dog requires 300g per month.

Verm-X Dog Liquid: 1 small dog requires 15ml per month, 1 medium dog requires  30ml per month, 1 large dog requires 45ml per month.

Verm-X Dog Pellets: 1 small dog requires 30g per month, 1 medium dog requires 60g per month, 1 large dog requires 90g per month.

How many Verm-X Dog Treats do I feed?
Feed every day throughout the year.
Small breeds (e.g. Jack Russell):  2 per day
Medium breeds (e.g. Labradors):   4 per day
Large breeds (e.g. Newfoundland):  6 per day

Always consult with your vet if your dog is pregnant or has a known medical condition and or is being prescribed medication before taking natural supplements. Please do not use as an alternative to veterinary advice. If in doubt please visit to find your local homoeopathic vet.

Due to the herbal nature of this product, it cannot be classified as a medicine. As a result, any wording in our customer reviews which including terminology that could be interpreted as being of medical nature or a claim has been replaced with ***
This is as per the UK’s Veterinary Medical Directorate guidelines. 


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United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Easy to use!

I tried this out as I wanted to switch to natural worming for our bulldog, Betty. Easy to measure out and add to her raw food. I have been using this since February and recently did a **** and lungworm count test which both came clear. Really happy with the results so far! We used to use Milbemax for worming and Betty use to drool really badly after taking it so it feels good to give her something natural instead.

Susan M.
I recommend this product

Natural worming in a treat dog loves

Been using the daily treats for nearly two years, dog as them as a treat after coming back from her walk and just loves them. **** count every six months and always clear. Total peace of mind.

Julie B.
I recommend this product

First time user

Easy to measure dosage 5* (liquid) Smell and taste 5* from Lara (not me) First month of administering but wish I'd done this sooner as its so easy to measure, mix with food and Lara loves the taste. What else can I say but 5*

Angela K.
I recommend this product

Great product

So easy to use they just luv the smell and taste definitely my choice of lung **** protection and cost effective too thanks for introducing me to this great product X

A Frank and Jellys Customer
sk c.

Love this stuff

So easy to use. I love knowing my dogs have worn and long **** cover and in a natural way. I add to food on first 3 of the month and they wolf it down!


Natural wormer

I have two dogs, tried the liquid on their food and although one ate his food no problem the other refused. After advice from f&j I tried the pellets, worked a treat. Both dogs naturally *********👍 and no upset tummies (unlike worming tablets). Will definitely buy this regularly.

sarah h.

x lung ****

Easy to use, mix with normal food and my dog doesn't notice, winner! Only just started to use so only time will confirm if they have worked or not. I'm sure they will

Natasha R.


Brilliant product. My two love these treats. They work as a natural worming treatment and the dogs love me for it. No more hiding the tablets in treats and them spotting them out. They gobble these up and much better for them as it's natural peeventative. We love Frank and Jelly's

Pauline H.


I have been looking for a natural alternative to the harsh chemical worming prevention that I was using. Verm-x is perfect, I mixed the liquid in with the food and it was all eaten with no hesitation. When I gave the treats they also were enjoyed with no problems. I think carrying on in the future I will opt for the liquid as it’s given for three consecutive days every month as opposed to the treats which are given daily.

Susan T.

Verm X

Found all 5 dogs had it on their food and did not bother the treat are ok but find liquid best to use on food

heather w.

Verm-x test

Poppy is really enjoying the ver-x she eats all her diner with it in and she really like the treats as I can give them her as in going out and when I get back there all gone where normal she leaves normal treats till we get home. Our cat has also had the liquid in her food but the treats are a bit big for her so I'm going to see if they do cat treats. Poppy has ********* but has been fine on this. Very easy and quick to use I just mix it in with the meat. If anyone has questions ask

Becki R.

Verm-X treats and liquid

My dog has had recurring bouts of roundworm and I don’t want to keep giving her chemicals from the vet which she is already becoming resistant to. The liquid is easy to use and measure and my dog didn’t notice it in her food. I’ve used it for 5 days as a treatment and preventative but will know in 6 weeks if it’s worked. The treats are yummy for the dogs, all my 3 like them and they are easy to use. Great for small dogs but may not be the best option for bigger dogs due to cost but worth it if your dog won’t eat the food with the liquid on. Worth buying as it’s natural and easy to use 👍


Verm-X - An alternative to chemical wormers.

Due to my dog having ********* against a couple of the ingredients in the treats, we have only tried the liquid. I think I would chose the liquid anyway as it works out more cost effective and the liquid was easy to administer, my dog didn't notice it when added to her food. This only needs to be done once a day for 3 consecutive days, each month.

Jean S.

My dogs love the liquid, so easy to use

We have been trialing the Verm-X treats and liquid and so far our little one isn't keen on the treats, but the liquid in the food works a treat, so for us, it's liquid all the way 👍 ***

Michaela B.

Great product

I have been testing the Verm-X bundle. After mega fast delivery, I am swapping to natural products from a monthly chemical solution supplied by the vet. I am using concurrently for the first month as advised. I am also using the Garlic and Fenugreek powder for tick and flea prevention. I was fairly sure my boy would be only too keen to try the treats and I wasn’t wrong! However, as some mention they do contain some common allergens, although this is not an issue for me. As I am used to monthly treatment, I was most keen to try the liquid. I’ve added it to food rather than water as he’s not a big drinker, he is a great eater so this was a no brainer. All good no issues, he still wolfed the lot down. To be honest there’s going to be pros and cons to the liquid versus the treats, depending on your individual dog and your preferences - monthly versus daily etc. I suspect for me the liquid will be a fair bit cheaper and as I say I am used to a monthly treatments so it would be my preference but others will prefer the treats. Obviously, until I do a **** count I can’t comment on effectiveness but I know the products are highly recommended so I have no concerns. I like the fact they are preventative but can be used as a treatment also. I hope F& J will carry both products.

Deborah B.

Verm- x

My Dogs like the treats over the liquid in their water, not sure they noticed it in their meat as both licked their dish clean !! I found both easy to use, if I had to choose I would pick the treats to use as I can hide them for the dogs to hunt out or give just give as a reward/treat. Best of all no chemicals !


Are you worried about lungworm?

Are you worried about using chemicals on your dog?

Did you know your dog can pick lungworm up your own garden, as well as out on walks?

Lungworm can be fatal to dogs and is on the rise in the UK, with thousands of cases and fatalities being reported.

They can also come contract lungworm by eating grass, drinking from puddles, outdoor water bowls or toys that have been left outside in grass as the larvae can be left in the slugs and snails slime trail.

Many dogs won’t initially show symptoms of Lungworm and it can go unnoticed for quite some time as the symptoms can easily be confused with other illnesses.

Verm-X is a 100% natural formulation that helps maintain all areas of intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on your animal’s digestive system.

Verm-X is safe to use on animals that are pregnant and senior pets.

The liquid or pellets are added to their food for 3 consecutive day in a month and treats which are fed daily.

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Bundle, 100g Treats, 325g Treats, 250ml Liquid, 500ml Liquid, 200g Pellets

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